Q: How much will you give me for my records? $1 a piece? $2 a piece?

A: Since many records have different pressings/variants/misprints, it would be unfair to you to give a quote without looking at your record collection in person. Our motto is "What you think has value usually doesn't, and what you don't think has value usually does". For example, one word makes this Zeppelin album worth 9x as much, and do you recognize this Beatles album cover? Probably not, as it was recalled after only a short run, and can be hiding in plain sight, as it was hastily stickered over with the "Trunk" cover we know today!

In sum, there are too many variants in a record to offer a price over the phone or via e-mail. In person is always the best bet!

Q: Is it true you buy everything? Are there things you don't buy?

A: We do buy almost everything, but there are a few things we don't buy/can't offer much for:

We sadly can't offer much for Classical (give us a call anyway, as we still may be interested).

Although old and interesting, we don't buy most 78s. If you have 78s to sell, feel free to let us know, as there are some rare ones with value, but most aren't in Toronto.

We also can't offer much for Pop/MoR artists, like Nana Mouskouri, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Anne Murray, Arthur Fiedler, and other artists in the Pop category. These albums were extremely popular in their day, and therefore there are millions of copies out there. The problem is, more people are looking to get rid of their Anne Murray records than are looking to buy them, and so we can't offer anything for them other than the promise of finding them a good home.

A final note, while the condition is critical, for us the title is the most important, so don't panic if your records are well loved, let us worry about the condition! We've heard people say they threw a record out because the condition was bad... Don't! record collectors will buy a record even if it's chipped or cracked if it's the right title!